Ferrets fighting for dominance

Ferret Urine Smells Like Ammonia — Potential Causes

Ferret Urine Smells Like Ammonia. Under normal conditions, ferret urine doesn’t have a strong odor, even if it contains a certain amount of ammonia. If the ammonia scent gets stronger, that could mean that the ferret is experiencing some health issues. For instance, your pet might be dealing with a urinary tract infection, kidney problems,…

ferret care for beginners

Our Ferret Care Guide

As can be seen in the About Us page on this website my son, Bobby and I have been Ferret owners and breeders for all of our adult lives and Ferrets is our passion. Over the years we have answered all questions relating to Ferret Care and problems that owners may experience. A while ago…

Do Ferrets Like To Cuddle

Why Do Ferrets Like Plungers?

Determining why ferrets like to do certain things can be disturbing. However, chances are that you might not be able to know why. I recently got a ferret owner asking me why do ferrets like plungers. To be honest, I was astonished because I haven’t had a problem with a ferret playing or stealing a…

Average Litter Size For Ferrets

Can a Ferret Learn His Name?

One of the most interesting characters of ferrets is their intelligence. Ferrets can learn just about anything, including how to obey certain commands. But can a ferret learn his name and respond when called?

What Type of Ferrets are There?

There is only one breed of ferrets that have been domesticated. The other one, the black-footed ferret is wild and is rare in most parts of the world. However, there are several types of ferrets classified in terms of the wide color range and patterns. So, What Type of Ferrets are There?

Do Ferrets Know Their Name

Do Ferrets Know Their Name?

Ferrets have been domesticated for hundreds of years. Over recent years though, with technology, everyone can learn how to care for a ferret. However, do ferrets know their name and do they come when called? One of the most fascinating things about pets is their ability to know the names we give them. I mean,…

Are Ferrets Sensitive to Cold

Are Ferrets Sensitive to Cold?

Ferrets are among the most popular pets around the world. Originally, ferrets are cold-weather creatures. And if you go back years before they were adopted, you can see that ferrets originated from the hemispheres. Well, since they have long been domesticated, so, are ferrets sensitive to cold? Well, the domestication of ferrets ensures that they…

Do Ferrets Like To Cuddle

What Temp Do Ferrets Like?

Ferrets are increasingly getting popular. However, as with every pet, it is important to research everything about them. Before you bring a ferret home, you need to understand What temp do ferrets like Ferrets like cool temperatures. That being said, they cannot stand high temperatures. Their bodies are not designed for high temperatures. Rather, they…

Ferrets fighting for dominance

Do Male and Female Ferrets Get Along?

Do Male and Female Ferrets Get Along? — Things to Know Before Getting a New Pet   We all know that introducing ferrets to one another is a tricky business. But what happens when one of them is a boy and the other is a girl? Does that make things easier and do male and…