a pair of ferrets

Can you keep male and female ferrets together?

Ferrets are some of the most social pets you can keep. They are friendly to people, other ferrets and sometimes with household pets. However, you must understand that ferrets are quite self-sufficient. They can live well alone but they enjoy the company of each other.   You can keep ferrets of the same sex or…

How many litters can a ferret have in a year

How many litters can a ferret have in a year?

Breeding ferrets is not an everyday topic. It is a complex task that requires an expert opinion. However, ferret breeders are experienced enough for the process. A healthy ferret will go into the season when she is 5-8 months. A ferret can have 1-2 litters in a year and as many as 5 with a…

Average Litter Size For Ferrets

Average Litter Size For Ferrets

Ferret reproduction is a complex subject. In fact, I advise ferret owners to refrain from breeding their ferrets if they have no experience in the matter. Well, because we have previously talked about ferret breeding, today we are going to talk about the baby ferrets. What is the average litter size for ferrets? A ferret…

Can Ferrets Get Heartworms

Why Do Ferrets Steal?

Ferrets are typical thieves of small items. Once you let you let your ferret out of the cage, you might expect something to go missing all of a sudden. To be clear, it can be quite difficult to tell why do ferrets steal things. However, we cannot blame them. I tend to think that it…

How To Tell If Your Ferret Is Healthy

Ferrets are adorable and affectionate pets. Also, they are healthy but can be vulnerable to several illnesses. Therefore, you must regularly check on your ferret’s health. In this article, I am going to look at how to tell if your ferret is healthy. Also, I will include some of the common signs that your ferret…

Do Ferrets Hibernate

Do Female Ferrets Smell?

 In general, non-neutered pets have a characteristic musky scent, female ferrets included. However, this scent gets much more intense when they’re in heat. In addition, non-de-scented ferrets of both genders sometimes spray a pungent-smelling liquid, similar to that of a skunk. That typically happens during the mating season or when the ferret is feeling scared.

How Can I keep My Ferret Happy

How to Get Rid of Ferret Odor in a Room

Ferrets, although they are absolutely adorable, have a strong natural odor. While some people don’t mind it or simply get used to it over time, others find it unbearable. Whatever the case may be, life is much easier if you know how to get rid of ferret odor in a room.

How to Stop a Ferret from Smelling

How to Stop a Ferret from Smelling?

 If you want to reduce your pet ferret’s odor, you should regularly bathe it, clean its teeth and ears. You should also clean its cage and litter box. On the other hand, you might want to consider neutering the ferret. However, you should consult the vet before making any sudden changes to your pet’s regime.

How to Pet a Ferret

How to Pet a Ferret The Easy Way.

Ferrets are energetic and also very self-sufficient. However, they do crave human interactions as they are generally social creatures. You must understand that ferrets have different personalities. Therefore, what one ferret might like for petting might not be what another enjoys. This article will highlight How to Pet a Ferret.