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As can be seen in the About Us page on this website my son, Bobby and I have been Ferret owners and breeders for all of our adult lives and Ferrets is our passion.

Over the years we have answered all questions relating to Ferret Care and problems that owners may experience.

A while ago Bobby came up with an idea to compile the ultimate guide to Ferret Care. I agreed and after six months it was finally complete. To say it was a major task was a massive understatement.

Our guide answers all questions that Ferret owners desire to have answered. It does not matter if you are an experienced Ferret owner or just starting out, either way, it is an absolute must for all.

It can save your time and money on unnecessary vet visits as what you think may be serious is only a minor complaint.

At the same time that the guide was complete, we also made this website.

The guide is over 30,000 words long and we are offering all of our reader’s immediate access for a one-off payment of $9.99 (or the equivalent for other countries) and immediate access can be obtained with no risk through Paypal.

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