Are Ferrets Good Pets

Can Ferrets Eat Fruit. An Informative Guide

You’d think that ferrets are fruit lovers. Their small size and adorable furry disposition make them look like they’d enjoy a few fruity snacks. In fact, you have probably fed fruits to your ferret once or twice as a treat. There is a high chance that they devoured those delicious treats without any complaints. So,…

Ferrets fighting for dominance

How to Train a Ferret Not to Bite. The Only Way

 The Problem: Why Do Ferrets Bite?   Biting comes instinctively to ferrets, just like any other animal. It’s why you shouldn’t blame them or hurt them if they start nipping. Instead, try to figure out the reason behind its biting behavior before you proceed further. In this article, we will show you How to Train…

Do Ferrets Hibernate

How to Clean a Ferret’s Ears. An Informative Guide

Keeping your ferret clean is one of the things you must keep in mind. Have you heard people complaining about a musky smell that supposedly ferrets have? It has a lot to do with how often you clean him up. Below, I am going to give you a simple guide on how to clean a…

How to Clean Your Ferret’s Cage. Use this Method

Cleanliness is as important to ferrets as it is to us. This is especially true when it comes to the health of your pet ferret. Therefore, you must clean your ferret’s cage and living environments regularly. Some ferret owners complain about having a distinctive smell in the house. It is not a very nice odor,…

Do Ferrets Carry Rabies

How To Show Your Ferret Attention. A Helpful Guide

Ferrets are sociable and friendly animals. You will notice your ferret initiating play with you whenever you let him out of the cage. After all, they rely on us for everything which leads to a strong bond. However, to maintain this bond, you must show your ferret attention.

How many litters can a ferret have in a year

Can Ferrets Eat Scrambled Eggs? Here Is The Answer

When you finally bring your ferret home, you must understand what they eat and what they do not. Most first-time ferret owners will largely depend on commercial ferret foods. However, can ferrets eat anything else such as scrambled eggs? Understand that these creatures are completely carnivorous. However, as you spend more time with your ferret,…

Why Do Ferrets Steal?

Albino Ferret Pooping Everywhere. How To Stop It

Have you recently adopted an albino ferret who won’t stop pooping everywhere? You are not alone in this struggle. Many pet owners are dealing with inappropriate elimination which can be quite a tussle.  However, you should not panic as you will be able to correct this issue by litter training your ferret. You will need…

Are Ferrets Good Pets

Can You Train a Ferret. Here is the Answer

Ferrets are certainly not the most popular animals to keep as pets, but they are very playful, intelligent, and curious creatures. However, before you decide to adopt one, you should ask yourself: can you train a ferret?  Contrary to popular belief, ferrets are bright animals and can be trained well. Although they are very different…

Are Ferrets Good Pets

Ferret Body Language. What are They Saying

Ferret pets are gaining popularity with time. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that they are small animals and perfect for apartments and homes. However, as with any other pet, you need to understand your ferret. Below, I will help you understand ferret body language in case you are looking…