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Chinchillas are among the smallest pets you can keep. However, they also have an exciting character and are not complex to take care of. If you are thinking about getting a chinchilla, you must wonder what it is like to live with one. In this article, we are going to look at how noisy chinchillas are as well as their common sounds.

So, are chinchillas noisy? This depends on your housing arrangement. However, I can tell you for a fact that these pets can be noisy when active. Unfortunately, they are most active at night, which means they might wake you up.


When do chinchillas make noise?


Are chinchillas noisy?


Well, as I have indicated above, they are mostly noisy when active. Before I go on, I must mention that chinchillas should not be mistaken to be nocturnal. I agree that they are most active at night but mostly in early mornings and evenings.

Well, in most cases, the noise will depend on how you have set up your chinchilla’s cage. For instance, if it has wire flooring, there is a chance that your chinchilla is going to keep you awake. The same case goes for when you have noisy toys and even a saucer wheel. See Cages Here.

On the other hand, several situations might also influence how noisy your chinchilla is. For example, the first few nights might be noisy as your chinchilla is trying to fit in. Well, if you live along a busy street, brace yourself as it could take some time before your chinchilla gets used to the noise.


Common sounds that chinchillas make


While most noise comes from chinchilla’s activity, these creatures can also be very vocal. As with most pets and animals, chinchillas use vocalization to communicate. If you have two chinchillas, which is a great idea, by the way, expect to hear them communicating.

Below are the four most common chinchilla noises based on the content;



Chinchillas make a sound, similar to barking when they are scared or feel threatened. During the first few days in your home, the chinchilla is only trying to get comfortable. However, since everything is unusual to him, it can be a little scary.

If there are any strange noises in the surrounding, it could make it worse. Well, a chinchilla will spend most of his day asleep. At night, he will mostly be up, listening to everything happening. Well, loud noises and movement can trigger your chinchilla to start barking.

In the wild, chinchillas would use this sound to warn other chinchillas of any incoming danger. Well, check him out to make sure that everything is going on well.


Short alert call

This is a sound that chinchillas make when they are startled. For instance, sudden honking cars could startle your chinchilla. Well, the sound they make is more hilarious than alarming. However, it can be persistent even after everything settled down.

When a chinchilla makes the sharp, alarming scream, it could also indicate excitement. Well, while you are sleeping, your chinchilla could be having a lot of fun playing. If you have two chinchillas, they could be chasing and entertaining each other. As a result, they might make short vocal sounds over and over.


Are chinchillas noisy?

Angry chinchilla noise

There are so many situations that could lead to your chinchilla getting angry. Well, you will definitely tell when he is angry. They produce a loud angry cry when pissed off. Not only that, but your chinchilla can also spray urine all over his cage because he is angry.


Teeth chattering

teeth chattering is likely to involve two chinchillas. Well, it happens when they fight each other and it is a sign that your chinchilla does not want to be disturbed. In some cases, a chinchilla will start chattering his teeth if you wake him up during the day.

It can also happen when you are grooming him. Maybe he wants you to be gentle while doing so.


Is there something I can do to make my chinchilla stop making noise?


Chinchillas are relatively calm pets, during the day. Well, this is because they will spend most of their days asleep. At night, however, it is all different. Even though they are crepuscular, chinchillas will stay up for longer at night.

It can be quite disturbing when you cannot fall asleep because your chinchilla cannot let you. Do not worry as I am going to let you in on a secret.


Move your chinchilla’s cage

Because chinchillas are small, curious and quite jumpy, it is difficult to keep them still. As a result, we keep them in cages. It means that you can always move his home even though it can be stressful to him. However, if you cannot seem to get quality sleep, then you probably need to keep your chinchilla in another area if he is in your bedroom.

I understand that it is an endearing feeling to have him stay with you in the bedroom. However, because chinchillas are most active and noisy at night, you could experience trouble trying to fall asleep.

However, ensure that the environment you put him in is conducive. It should not be too hot or too cold.


Are chinchillas noisy?

Install cage flooring

As I mentioned above, most of the chinchilla noise will be from the activities at night. Well, when not asleep, your chinchilla is going to run and jump around the cage. It is his way of entertaining and also burning all his energy.

Having a wire floored cage can be distracting. Instead, I suggest you look for an alternative. You may use fleece blankets instead of the wire floor. Also, plastic flooring will also minimize the chaos and noise from your playful chinchilla.




When getting a chinchilla as a pet, it is normal to want to find out if they are going to be a problem. One thing I can tell you for sure is that chinchillas are active. And they are mostly active at night, which means that they could also be noisy enough to keep you awake.

It is going to be a rough couple of days at first but once you embrace their natural clock, it will be smooth henceforth. Chinchillas can be noisy, and mostly at night.


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