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How many litters can a ferret have in a year

How many litters can a ferret have in a year?

Breeding ferrets is not an everyday topic. It is a complex task that requires an expert opinion. However, ferret breeders are experienced enough for the process. A healthy ferret will go into the season when she is 5-8 months. A ferret can have 1-2 litters in a year and as many as 5 with a […]

Average Litter Size For Ferrets

Average Litter Size For Ferrets

Ferret reproduction is a complex subject. In fact, I advise ferret owners to refrain from breeding their ferrets if they have no experience in the matter. Well, because we have previously talked about ferret breeding, today we are going to talk about the baby ferrets. What is the average litter size for ferrets? A ferret […]

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ferret itchy

Why Is My Ferret So Itchy? 7 Common Causes And Solutions

It is entirely natural for a ferret to have a bit of a scratch; you’ll notice this when your pet wakes up and they can go on for quite a while. However, there may be times when your ferret scratches to excess and you may be asking yourself why is my ferret so itchy?   […]

ferret and owner

Do Ferrets Get Jealous?

Ferrets make great pets. They are one of the most sociable animals on the planet and when they get attention from their owners, they will quickly form a strong bond. If you’re looking for a pet that can also be your best friend, then a ferret is an excellent choice.    However, owing to the […]

are ferrets related to otters

Are Ferrets Related To Otters? (What’s The Connection?)

Looking at ferrets, it is easy to confuse them with a variety of other creatures. We recently wrote a post about the difference between ferrets and mink, but these aren’t the only creatures in the animal kingdom that have an uncanny resemblance. It’s not surprising that many people assume that ferrets and otters are close […]

Mink vs Ferret

Mink vs Ferret: What Are Their Differences?

There are animals across many different species that look remarkably like one another and yet when it comes down to it, they’re nowhere near the same in terms of personality. The ferret and the mink are great examples of this. These two creatures could be quite easily mistaken for one another and yet they couldn’t […]

scared ferret

How To Tell If A Ferret Is Scared

Owing a pet ferret is truly a joy and if you dedicate the time and patience it takes to form a strong bond with your pet, then you will be rewarded with a very special relationship. But part of forming this bond relies on you, the owner, to understand your pet. Since ferrets are unable […]

deaf ferret

How To Take Care Of A Deaf Ferret: Complete Guide

If you have a ferret that is deaf, then you may need to adapt the way you care for it. But only slightly. If you have hearing ferrets as well, then there is no reason why they cannot all live together in harmony. In some cases, you may find that the ferrets fight or do […]