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How many litters can a ferret have in a year

How many litters can a ferret have in a year?

Breeding ferrets is not an everyday topic. It is a complex task that requires an expert opinion. However, ferret breeders are experienced enough for the process. A healthy ferret will go into the season when she is 5-8 months. A ferret can have 1-2 litters in a year and as many as 5 with a […]

Average Litter Size For Ferrets

Average Litter Size For Ferrets

Ferret reproduction is a complex subject. In fact, I advise ferret owners to refrain from breeding their ferrets if they have no experience in the matter. Well, because we have previously talked about ferret breeding, today we are going to talk about the baby ferrets. What is the average litter size for ferrets? A ferret […]

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ferret at night

Can Ferrets See In The Dark? – (What You Should Know)

A lot of ferret owners will notice that their pets get a burst of energy during the hours of darkness, so does this mean that their eyesight is adapted to be better in the dark? The truth is that ferrets don’t usually stay awake during the night but those that are domesticated will typically adjust […]


Do Ferrets Like To Swim?

It’s common knowledge that ferrets love to dig and play around in the dirt but what about playing in the water? Do these animals have a natural affinity for swimming or do they prefer to be on dry land?  Ferrets can swim and often love to frolic in the water. Most of them will take […]

ferret litter box

Best Ferret litter Box – Buyer’s Guide

Nobody wants a pet that urinates and defecates all over the house which is why it is essential to provide your ferret with a litter box. The good news is that it is very easy to litter train a ferret as they typically like to do their business in a corner. By simply placing a […]

ferret dig box

Best Material For Ferret Dig Box (Dig Box Guide)

Ferrets are quirky little creatures with equally interesting and unique personalities. One of the things that we, as ferret owners need to keep in mind is that, while they are domesticated, our homes do not provide everything that their natural habitat can. Therefore, we must be willing to provide our ferrets with viable alternatives to […]

ferrets indoors

Keeping Ferrets Indoors – All You Need To Know

One of the things that people instantly associate with ferrets is that they have a pretty strong smell. For this reason, a lot of ferret owners choose to keep their pets outside but if you really want your ferret to be a part of the family then there’s no better place for him than in […]

scared ferret

Why Do Ferrets Shake?

When you first get your ferret, you may notice that he or she does some rather strange things that could come across as concerning. It’s important to remember that your ferret has other ways of communicating its feelings since it cannot talk. If you see your ferret shaking, this may seem alarming to you and […]